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Luxurious Condo in L'Île-des-Soeurs

L'Île-des-Soeurs, Les Sommets 2, beautiful condo of 157 m2 overlooking the river and terrace. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Gas fireplace with wood and granite coat, rosewood floors and granite. Two parking spaces. This condo ideally located in the building, offers plenty of light and luxurious extras. 

Located 10 minutes from downtown Montreal

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Pierre Melillo 

Commercial real estate broker in Montreal

Interview conducted by  ADM in Montreal le 06/07/2017

How long have you been in this business?

I have been a commercial real estate broker for 25 years.

What lead you to real estate brokerage?

My studies in architecture at the University of Montreal and my career in the field of construction as a general contractor allowed me to show interest in real estate.

What makes you different from other brokers?

My experience in construction, my network of contacts and my passion for real estate.

What is your field of practice?

My field of practice consist in commercial real estate, it involves the sale and purchase of various kinds of buildings.

How is the commercial real estate market in Montreal today?

The real estate market is currently boiling, I lack of properties, demand is strong and it is time for an owner to put his property on the market.

How would you describe a good transaction?

A transaction where both parties are satisfied.

Why should someone hire you to assist them in buying or selling a property?

My experience, my skills and my credibility in the real estate field in Montreal make me the right person for the job. I've been in this business for 25 years and I can quickly tell the difference between a good or bad deal.

For sale

                The 10-12  Notre-Dame East, Montreal 

                  Seven-storey commercial building located in                     Old Montreal. 

 Commercial building

                  The 315 Saint-Sacrement # 6000, Montreal   

                    Penthouse in a beautiful six-storey building,                                    located in the heart of Old Montreal. 

                                                        Le 10-12 Notre-Dame East - Montreal

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         60 St-Jacques - Montreal

       45 St-Paul West - Montreal 

        222 St-Laurent - Montreal

  430 St-François-Xavier - Montreal

  438 St-François-Xavier - Montreal

        34 St-Paul West - Montreal

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